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Foregone Destruction (NU remix)

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    [CONCEPT ART] Foregone Destruction (NU remix)

    Hey, UT Community!
    It seems Epic Team decided to take a pause of further UT4 development... =\ ...But hey, is that a reason not to share some new fresh remix?!

    To Your attention one of the most famous tune originally made by the great and only Michiel van den Bos remaked and with a slight touch of own interpretation
    Thank You for Your time and lets hope UT4 will continue oneday because Unreal series are forever!

    .mp3 Download link:

    SoundCloud link:
    Go Down 2016 (UT4 redux)
    Mechanism 8 (NU remix)
    my other UT4 demo and UT99 music remixes

    Indeed one of the most famous music of the unreal series.

    I really like the different sound you added, it gives it kind of a more mystical feeling, almost whimsical, which I feel would be convenient for the "fantasy in space" part of the game.

    As always you did an amazing job ! Please continue to remix some awesome tunes !


      I like your thinking as much as I do your works necto!
      In agreement with Dark, this is yet another intricately wonderful remix you've presented us with here. Keep It Up!
      Explosive High Voltage UT99