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    [PROTOTYPE] Unreal Soundtrack remaster project

    I know this is theorically about Unreal Tournament only, but I thought this might interest you nonetheless: last year I've started working on remasters of the original Unreal soundtrack, both as a hobby and as a tribute to one of my favorite games.

    The process is quite simple, it involves me extracting all the sequences from each track dividing them by instrument/sample, and later on loading them all in FL Studio; from here the bulk of the work consists of equalizing the various mixer channels, cleaning all the unnecessary noise and overlapping frequencies (something very prevalent in the low end both for arrangement choices and sample sources themselves), adjusting the volumes, and eventually adding some mild reverb and/or echo effects to give an accentuated spatial information to the mixdown.
    I'd also layer existing instruments with VSTs or saples from my own library, just enough to give some more polish without (hopefully) changing the track from the ground up

    So far I've published the Vortex Rikers theme, and I'll soon release Dusk Horizon aswell, and from there I will follow the in-game order as much as I can. I hope you'll like the end results!

    This brings me nostalgia like nothing else in this world good god.


      today's episode: Dusk Horizon


        I've come here from Apknite. I find it fascinating how music brings back memories from long ago when we were all younger. Well, I'm 21, so not as old as some, but I played games like Unreal when I was little, over LAN with my little brother. Loved the remastered version of this song and can't wait for more


          Has anyone considered Necto Ulins remixes? Check them out on youtube


            Hoo boy did I forget to upload this thread! At least I'm pleased to say that I've managed to be consistent with this project and put out at least one remaster per month; I'm gonna post here the ones I've made so far

            SHARED DIG
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                nali chant

                hub 2


                  I still consider the first Unreal as one of the best first-person experiences. That castle intro with its ridiculously amazing reflective floors, that moment when players exited the ship and witnessed the game’s open environments, that first encounter with the Scaarj… Unreal was simply ahead of its time.


                    I was fascinated by these sounds.Please share me on klingeltonemp3
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