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    Music composer for your disposal!


    My name is Peter, I have really good experience in composing music, I don't gonna write what I have achieved and what not, what matters is the effect and climax (in game), so briefly:
    I would like to take part in creating one of the soundtracks to the new UT. The reason is the huge soft spot for the old game series. I think for us fans is most important, that's why I really care.
    Of course, it would be a huge honor to work with so many people at big UT. I don't write much about myself, because I would rather remain anonymous, I would like to work here with you as a big fan. I don't want move the topic of remuneration because I doesn't want to, my motivation is always the opportunity to work for something, some title. I'll be working in my spare time.

    If anything will run here, please contact me at this special mail I've created for this ocassion -
    of course I will be watching whole forum. (soon I'll try to create something exemplary and post it here, for first vision, I don't know If it will be ok but I've wanted to recompose the Unreal Tournament OST Title soundtrack.)

    Thank you and best!
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    Maybe some portfolio?