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Surround sound problem: Your own sounds being played behind you

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    Surround sound problem: Your own sounds being played behind you

    On my 5.1 surround, every time I pick up an item or even just scroll through my inventory of weapons, all the sound effects for these things are emitted from directly behind me, so it becomes very, very distracting hearing these disembodied sounds coming out the back speakers and not associating them with the actions I'm performing.

    All the sounds of the weapons cycling / equiping and picking up health and ammo should be played with a non-positional audio source.

    I don't think 5.1 / multichannel support is properly implemented yet. I'm used to play with 5.1 speaker settings on headphones because it usually gives positional cues advantages compared to stereo but it seems to not do an ideal job for UT4 yet. In comparison UT3 definitely had a much better working 5.1 support and the positional sound (directions and distance perception) worked very well for me there but it's still early in development and I think this is one area that simply hasn't got much attention yet.

    Here the sounds are a bit more diffuse and more in-your-face overall. Also it could be related to the sound occlusion is quite broken and overall the distances of which sounds can be heard of various things seem very unbalanced. Ambient sounds (such as engine noise) fade in very abruptly from not heard to full volume over a very small area and amp sound fx and bio rifle etc is heard across the map etc
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