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    [BUG] Sound on Deck

    I've started playing UT4 lately and I realized a weird sound bug (?) especially on the map Deck. Maybe it's there on other maps aswell but that's where it's most obvious.
    Since I only play instagib I can't tell if it's mod related or not.
    When I'm in the goo area where the flak cannon is down that narrow path I can hear people dying behind me and I hear ig shot sounds all around me without anyone being there.
    I keep turning around in this area just to see a plain wall without an enemy in sight.

    Also the sound of an ig shot hitting a wall behind me sounds exactly like the shot itself. It's very confusing in, for example, ffa dm. You never know if there's someone behind shooting at you or if it's a missed shot from someone else hitting the wall behind you.

    Maybe it's just my sound setting or whatnot. But if it's not please keep working on that

    The same problem here.

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      It seems quite odd. It never happened to me.

      -Luigi Rapetta

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