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Junior Sound designer applying for UT development

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    Junior Sound designer applying for UT development


    I all ready posted in the UT general discussion Forum and that post surely belongs to this forum!!

    I have experience when it comes to action sound design. I created all the war related sounds for Payday2.
    I have been an additional sound recordist for BF3 and BF4 (Ricochets and bullet by's)

    I would really much like to participate in the creation and development of this project.

    I am really good at action sound design and the key to a good sound picture I think is the elements of randomness and a dynamic soundscape.
    I know that I could be an asset because of my experience and my sound effects library.

    I record and design 90% of everything I do in 96-24 and I can record and design whatever is needed, from foley to ambient, from engines to weapons. You name it!!

    It would be awesome to be a part of this. I can give the project 2 hours a day except for weekends which I could give 4-12 hours.

    Hope your interested because I know one who is!!

    Here is my linkedin:

    Here is my basic Showreel:
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    hi there,

    so you are the guy who made those sounds. Well done. I always liked those BF3 and 4 sounds, was always a brain****.
    I wish you luck, and i'm sure that you would be a good addition to the team, it could be interesting because UT has it's well... special sound.


      Really like your work dude. I wish you the best of luck.


        Originally posted by Stormblast View Post
        Really like your work dude. I wish you the best of luck.
        I appreciate it