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Hard Referencing Audio Cues in Anim Notifies

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    Hard Referencing Audio Cues in Anim Notifies

    Is it possible to set references used in anim notifies to some kind of variable rather than tying them to specific audio cues? I mention this since I noticed in the past couple of builds that more and more animations are being tied up with specific audio cues, which makes these models & animations less flexible and usable going forward.

    ex. In the latest (11/19) build the Enforcer received a very noticeable 'click' that occurs when firing. That's great if you never plan on changing the audio, but these kinds of changes negatively influence other models that don't share the same fiction & assumptions. Both my Dispersion Pistol and Fusion Pistol prototypes use the same model & animation, for example, but this 'click' makes no sense when keyed to an animation for a weapon that doesn't use bullets. From what I can tell the only workaround is to duplicate content just to avoid inheriting these changes. Using a variable reference makes sense, would be appropriate and save everyone work in the long run.
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    Personally, I'd love to keep all audio references out of the animations for this very reason. They were moved around for various reasons (point of origin, who hears the sound, play under different circumstances, etc.). It's all very experimental at this point, but I see no reason why it couldn't be set up as you suggest, with some programming effort.
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