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    Sound effects/Foley

    Hi guys! Our studio Foley Walkers offers outsourced Foley recording and SFX services.
    Sorry for self-promotion, but we believe many of you will be very much interested in our services.
    We specialize in Foley recording for Film, TV series, animation, commercials, etc. The studio is located in Eastern Europe, particularly in Kiev, the capital Ukraine. Our Foley room is 1290ft² (120m²) and we can recreate any required sound. We can perform such complex sounds as squeaky floor and water as well as street sounds without any room ambience.
    One of the main advantages of working with us is our low prices. Our standard price for foley starts from $40 per minute, SFX $20 per minute. It is our policy to be available to projects with different budgets. On the other hand, we will never compromise the quality of our work. Thus, with us you can save a great amount of your budget and receive industry standard quality Foley.
    We have worked with many countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden, France, China, India etc.
    Please visit our website to watch demo reels:

    Do you do free stuff?
    I need a cool sound for my map