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contributing with sound assets to unreal tournment

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    contributing with sound assets to unreal tournment


    My name is Tiago, I am 28 (actually about to become 29). In the past i studied:

    - classical music performance, musicology, music technology, sonology

    I have extended experience in:

    - ableton, logic ,c++, maxmsp, maxforlive, csound, supercollider, puredata, kyma, git

    I wish to contribute with sound assets to unreal tournament. How can I get involved? I shall notice you guys that i don't currently have interest in implementing assets, just in making them, as my macbook pro 13" a1278 is not compliant with unreal engine

    Looking forward
    Kind regards

    In my oppinion you should do what Max Carnage did. He worked on Music and Sounds for the new Unreal Tournament and uploaded some of his work to YouTube and SoundCloud so that we where able to hear what he is working on. He did Map-Music for Pistola and Chill and he worked on a few Sounds. As most of the Sounds and Music in the pre Alpha are Place Holders i think you could find many stuff to work on.

    I hope these where the right words.

    Good Luck and Welcome to the pre Alpha