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Sniper Rifle Sound Design

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    Sniper Rifle Sound Design

    Here's what I have so far:

    I'm trying to find a good direction for the sniper shot. The new weapon model is light and sleek; I figure it probably has some kind of noise-dampening system. The sound currently in the game wouldn't really work. If you guys want suppressed, let me know. The first shot in the playlist is probably the closest one.

    Anyway, just throwing these out there. Feedback is appreciated.
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    To me it feels like it could use a little more high-end/sharp element in it, it's quite bassy and muffled at the moment. Nice starting point though.


      I agree, I like the first one best so far. The others are a bit damper and don't feel so powerful. However, can you do the first one again with less reverb? I think so much of it would feel kind of odd in the rather close maps we have so far.

      I'm not so sure about the zoom-sound though. These would more fit the LG, I think. With a sniper scope I associate something more like a clicking sound, like this for example: Jump to 4:26 in the video below or click this link

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        Thanks for the feedback, guys.

        I actually wanted to do the realistic scope clicking sound. But the new sniper's scope looked too futuristic for that:

        Click image for larger version

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        I'm not sure how the reverb is going to work, I hope it will be added dynamically based on the environment. It's kind of just a placeholder for now. Same for the bolt sound, since I don't have an animation to sync it with.

        I agree, the last shots are too muddy. I wanted to make the first shot bigger, so I layered it, but it lost its punch every time. I'll keep working on it though. All these sounds are really just concepts, without the animations it's hard to design the sounds. I just wanted to know what direction people want to go in.
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          Originally posted by StndCmb0 View Post
          I don't know about clicking on the scope, but the firing sound for the rifle in that video (5:12) is how I'd vote for the UT sniper to sound.
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            yup,sounds like a potato gun I think.


              Yeah, looking back, these are terrible. On the bright side, I'm actually going to school for sound design in two weeks so my work will improve drastically.
              Sound designer, composer, flash game dev, and Unreal mapper. My Soundcloud. My games.


                I suggest taking a look at the sniper rifle from Unreal:

                Check from 1:05
                "Yeah. _Lynx can fire the lightning gun, have the lightning bolt turn a 90 degree corner, stop and ask the closest teammate for directions, confuse the directions and get lost, realize it went the wrong way, make a U-Turn, and get a headshot on the intended target."
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