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Start Here First! Forum Rules and Important Information

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    [OFFICIAL] Start Here First! Forum Rules and Important Information

    Welcome to the Unreal Tournament Forums!

    We're building Unreal Tournament as a collaboration between the community and Epic Games. We’re still in pre-alpha and we’re looking to get to alpha by the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. There's still a lot to do - see how you can make a difference!

    Unreal Tournament Development: Developing a game in the open with the community is something new to all of us. We are excited about the content being created by the community and we’re looking for ways to make the contribution process easier so we can get more people involved. People don’t usually get to see games this early, and we’re aware that game development is a slow process. This can sometimes get frustrating to contributors and players alike. We feel like we have something great going on, so if you have the patience to work with us and understand that you’re developing for and playing a game that is not ready for prime time, then we’d love for you to come along for the ride!

    If you’re looking for immediate results, or the development process is too slow and frustrating for you, please consider joining us again at a later date as we move toward beta. While we value gameplay feedback, personal attacks and consistent negativity will not be tolerated. We want the forums to be an inviting place for both new and longtime posters to discuss the game. Please be mindful of this when you’re posting.

    How can you contribute?

    If you are working on something that you feel would be a good addition to the game, please use these links to submit content. If you’re having trouble, please send a message to Flak either here in the forum or via email to Flak at Epic Games dot com.
    Getting started with Unreal Tournament:
    Unreal Tournament Wiki:
    Submitting User Content:
    User Submitted Art Specifications:

    You can also help by reporting bugs and issues you encounter in the game. We have a special forum section for that: UT Development Bug Reports/QA. Before reporting any issues, please check if they were reported before in the above-mentioned section or in Epic's bug tracker.

    Unreal Tournament Blog:
    Unreal Engine forums:

    This forum and the posts within it are the property of Epic Games, Inc. If we think that someone is making the forums a less pleasant place for our players to discuss our products, we'll remove the messages or accounts as we see fit.

    Within this community, we know that there are a great many levels of experience and expertise, and we ask that you provide respect to your fellow community members above all else. Members who attack others, troll, provoke, etc. will be warned and removed from the forum.

    By signing on to this forum, you agree to the following:
    • I agree to respect other members of this community and assist others when appropriate.
    • I agree to criticize constructively and provide suggestions in a helpful and polite manner.
    • I agree to remain civil and calm when I post.
    • I understand that I am a part of the development process and will post in the proper forum and temper my posts accordingly.
    • I agree that the Unreal Tournament Forums are first and foremost a game development forum and my posts should remain professional and on topic.
    • When I see someone attacking another forum member or making the forum a generally unwelcome place, I agree to take action by either reporting the post or trying to diffuse the situation.

    The Rules

    We will be actively moderating the forums more closely and we are in the process of adding a few more moderators to assist. Please be sure you are aware of the rules before you post.
    1. Be respectful to other members, contributors and developers. It is our goal to create a clean forum for the discussion of Unreal Tournament development. Cursing, swearing, personal attacks or retaliations are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. Trolling, harassment, racist or threatening comments, obscene material or other intentionally annoying behavior is also unacceptable.
    2. Keep discussions on topic. Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to Unreal Engine, Unreal Tournament, or general game development. This is not the place to discuss your political or social views. Topics related to illegal drug use are also not permitted.
    3. Threads or posts that are off topic, empty, or posts with no relation to the current thread will be removed. This includes one word or meme posts that do not add to the discussion.
    4. No explicit materials, warez, spyware, links to malicious programs or illegal software! Offering images, links or information regarding such content will not be tolerated.
    5. Only one account per person is allowed.
    6. Signatures should be no larger than 500x150 or five lines of default sized text. Signature images are not permitted and will be removed.
    7. Please try to to teach and guide newer members instead of attacking them. Answering someone's question by telling them to use the search function isn't very nice, and if the person isn't familiar with the forum software, not very useful. If you know the answer, share it!
    8. Discussions of where to find cheats or how to use them will be removed. This is also not the place for a witch hunt. At this time, the best way to have a cheater removed is to contact the server admin or start a kick-vote in game.

    All moderator disputes should happen in private message. Public discussion of moderator actions or decisions, private correspondence with an Epic Employee or Epic Representative, Epic Employee contact information, or other personally identifiable information of other members or Epic representatives is not allowed. Posting the personally identifiable information of another user or staff member, including but not limited to their real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or links to personal websites or social networks, without the express consent of that user is not allowed.

    This forum and the posts within it are the property of Epic Games, Inc. If we think that someone is making the forums a less pleasant place for our customers to discuss our products, we'll remove the messages or accounts as we see fit.
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