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Australian UT4 Community and Competition

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    Australian UT4 Community and Competition

    Hi All!

    Obviously there are only very small fragments left of what was once a very large online community for Unreal/Unreal Tournament.

    We are trying to fix this, and are making good progress. Everything is a work in progress, but we have the following available for anyone playing UT4 keen to get involved with the community:

    • irc channel: click here, or use use your preferred IRC client
    • UTAUNZ community webpage/hub: click here. still an early WIP, but coming along nicely
    • UT4 CTF Comp - click here to register. we have created 5 even teams, so there are no massive mismatches. players of all skills are encouraged to join! you can apply to join a team here

    keep in mind, that in addition to the Epic Official Hub (which now hosts WIP community designed maps), there is the UTAUNZ, and unrealau HUBS to play on (you just need to scroll down a bit

    I hope to see you, and your friends, online some time. Jump in IRC for some friendly banter
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    AWESOME, thanks for posting. I was curious as to who admined this server.
    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


      got some vision of one of our first pre-season games

      great fun!


        the pre-alpha CTF comp has been running a while, check out some of the recaps/scores/replays here:

        we are running a 2v2 TDM cup this Saturday - free to join in <--- new site