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Does no one play Duel?

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    Does no one play Duel?

    I've been playing this game for a few months now and I have yet to play a duel. There's either no games going on at all, or there are two servers locked with passwords. I'm new to the UT series, and i'm really interested in primarily dueling, but the dueling player base doesnt seem nearly large, or inclusive enough to get into it.

    I'm trying to get into dueling as well. Feel free to add me I'm NA west coast.


      All I ever see are people playing Duels!
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        Even though duel is far less popular than "normal" public games like deathmatch and CTF, there's actually quite a number of people who duel. You just need to learn to find them.

        Method 1: This is the most obvious one, but just seek out people who you know like to duel, add them to your friends list, and challenge them. Alternatively, you might go into any public game server and just ask if people want to duel. Sometimes people bite, sometimes they don't.

        Method 2: Create a duel game on one of the more popular "duel" servers, and wait for someone to join. I've sat in official epic hubs with an open duel game for what seems like forever and nobody joins, but if you do the same thing in a "duel" server then you'll likely get a game much much faster. Dallas bloodbath and Absolute Atlanta are the two that immediately come to mind, but there are more out there too.

        Method 3 (the most effective): connect to the UT social scene!! It may seem like a barrier of entry, but go ahead and connect to the Global Gamers IRC any time during normal "peak" hours and just ask. I have a link to the global gamers browser-based webchat in my signature that will automatically connect you when you click on it. Just connect to #ut4pugs, choose your name, and say hi. You'll learn people's names, and you'll find people at or around your skill level. You can also join the official Epic Games' teamspeak channel, although I have to admit that activity has been down this weekend due to the Overwatch beta. Hopefully it picks back up soon, because Duel is one of the toughest, most punishing, most difficult, but also most rewarding and most fun if youre in to that kind of stuff.

        I'm not the best dueller out there, but I consider myself at least pretty competent (in recent months). Come find me, and I'll help break you in a little bit!! I have personally taught a handful of people the basics, and theyve all seemed very appreciative. Hopefully Epic sorts their priorities out, works on perfecting ELO, and gives us matchmaking and in-game IRC support like instead of bizarre gametypes like RTCF that nobody asked for. Sorry to be negative, but its true.
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          discord too

          It seems pretty easy to get games just by getting on the right servers like was said above-

          Dallas BloodBath for central/west players, Absolute ATL/NY for east coast players seem to be the most used ones.

          If you want add me, I'm pretty new to it myself.
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