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    We are a very well-established Unreal Tournament community and you should give us a try!

    Useful Links:

    Discord (Normal Weapons) -
    Discord (Instagib) -
    Official website -
    Twitch -
    Facebook -

    For a quick guide to what a PUG actually is click here. But bear in mind this was written for a different bot and for the irc client, for help over the specifics we have resources on our Discord channels.

    What are we?:

    We are an ever-growing Pugging community aimed at giving Unreal Tournament players the best experience possible. We routinely organise events, and our bot allows you to organise games with other players beforehand to ensure a very competitive match. We have, and always will, support all players of all types whether it be Duelers, CTF-ers, Instagib-ers… But we also accommodate and host a lot of custom content such as Absolute Elimination, Hitsounds etc. We have games going every night of the week, however there will always be room for more, so feel free to try it out!

    So, what makes us different?:
    At the moment, we are the largest Pugging community in the Unreal Tournament scene, but that hasn't come to be by itself! At the moment we have 2 staff teams, one for Instagib (IG) and the other for Normal Weapons (NW). We are also providing increasing support for the NA community as well as the EU community within both sections. At the time of writing this our NW server has 860 members while our IG has 530, meaning you'll never be short of people to play with! Our staff are very active as a whole and we work very closely with members of the community to improve our services. That's exactly what we are, a group of people providing a service to you, a service we will never stop trying to improve.

    What nationalities do we accommodate?:

    ALL! We have, and always will, accommodate all colours and creeds. Unreal Tournament has always been a community game and we will stop at nothing to keep it that way. Although it is a lot easier for most to speak english in the chat, we have had people who speak russian, german, french, italian and polish just to name a few. We have also expanded our many hubs across the globe, in order to provide the best ping and routing to the most players.
    At the time of writing this post, our hubs consist of:
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - France main
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - France #2
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - France #3
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - United Kingdom
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - Netherlands
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - Germany - (Currently getting worked on!)
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - Moscow
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - Italy
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - New York
    • UnrealPUGs - PUBLIC - Kansas

    We are currently looking to expand more hubs in North America and maybe Europe, so keep an eye out! How many hubs we can have going at once is, and always will be, down to the community supporting us through donations. I'll get to that in a minute.

    Events! Streaming!:
    UnrealPUGs is still young, less than a year old, but we have done a lot since our arrival on the scene. We've already hosted a CTF draft cup which had almost 100 players, while we are currently hosting a Duel Cup on the NW server. Although busy with a tourney at the moment, we are already planning more events for the future, so keep an eye out! Who knows, if you come give it a go you may end up the next champion . We also have multiple streamers that can broadcast notable events such as Grand Finals, but also PUGs from time to time. If you have any bright ideas for the future in this sector we would love to hear from you, we are for the community!

    So, how could you support us? (Other than playing 24/7):
    Before I proceed, I would first like to reiterate how grateful we are for the existing support until now and how important even the smallest donations can be to us. We currently pay for multiple hubs around the globe, as detailed above, which aren't cheap! However, several of our partners and staff members host personal servers for us, so we're not going to dry up either way. Any help would be legendary, be it sharing our donation link (below) with friends and players or donating literally any amount. You'd be surprised how far £1 each can go when 20 contribute!

    To be honest, there’s not much more to say, other than thank you for taking the time to read all this! This is thanks from the UnrealPUGs team! Feel free to check us out anytime, even if it’s just for a chat, we’re always open.

    (post made by GGaben)
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    Come and play Normal weapon CTF, the fastest mod of UT4, requiring skill and teamplay !!

    You know the basics of CTF ? (translocator, maps)
    You have a microphone ?

    >> join unrealpug NOW
    >> and type '.join ctf'

    Best time to play ctf, generally after 9pm

    See you soon
    Cunni, 37 years old, 16 years of UT, 90% CTF, 10% Duel
    Discord PUG Community


      Our german HUBs are back and updated! - PUBLIC - Germany #1 and - PUBLIC - Germany #2