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Any 2k4 iCTF EU players around?

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    How's the iCTF scene in UT4? Any good EU servers where one could hang every now and then? Or are pugs the way right now?
    Also known as musilowski.
    UE user since 1998.


      #62 go here ojrask for pugss


        Skyline here from DBoZ here. Not in the game yet but will be soon since my gaming computer is undergoing a major overhall with all new parts and full custom watercooled build... takes some time :s
        Did see a few nicks in here that I do remember from 2k4.
        And who is the ****** that stole my nick in here so I cant register with it!!


          Just stumbled across this thread trying to find out when [___/] Flatliners started.

          Amazed at how many nick & clan names I recognise!

          I was CL of Flatties for years. Wasn't a particularly good aim but I think I enjoyed administration too much. Still loved iCTF though and played as much for the banter (on Ventrilo) and community as anything.

          It would be great to see some sort of mass community reunion, I miss those halycon Clanbase days.

          Unfortunately, my epic account gets used more by my boys on Fortnite than UT these days. In fact, can we all just take a moment to think of what may have become a great new UT... if it wasn't for bloody Fortnite!

          I moved on to BF2 not long after the demise of UT2k4 and Clanbase, and played that franchise since (except BF1). Currently playing BFV, PUBG and Rocket League mostly these days.

          Anyway, I'm waffling but at our age we're allowed to be nostalgic, eh!?