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Winter Assembly 2016 LAN Unreal Tournament 3v3 Team Showdown

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    Winter Assembly 2016 LAN Unreal Tournament 3v3 Team Showdown

    If any of you UT fans are attending Assembly Winter LAN next weekend, there's casual competition for 3v3 Team Showdown. Games will be streamed by Zaccubus, tournament starts on Saturday 6th at 12 GMT (14:00 EET local time).

    My goals as an organizer for the tournament is to get new players to try out UT, see how TSD plays out on hands of new players that have never seen or heard of UT before and what kind of feedback the new players give about the game.

    Gamemode: Custom game - Team Showdown

    Game Settings:
    Number of combatants: 6
    Goal score: 10
    Time limit: 2
    Spawn Overcharge powerup: On
    Show all players status: Off
    Get XRay Vision after 70s: Off
    Bot skill level: No Bots Game

    Time limit: 2 minutes per round.
    19 rounds, 10 roundwins is enough to win the match.
    End screen with scoreboard needs to be screenshotted by pressing "Print Screen" button.
    Tournament organizers decide map for each match.
    Voicecomms are permitted and recommended. Epics Teamspeak or Discord server information can be asked from tournament IRC channel.

    Map pool:

    *Map pool changed due to different stock maps in new build
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    If you want casual players to subscribe, you'd better put that thread in "general discussion".
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      if you want help getting the news out there about this we have a Discord chat with Push notifications functionality, I'd love to be a part of this! We also have multiple voice channels if you want to use that during your comp too? Anyway, if you're interested just pop up to us anytime!

      I'm also interested in the cup anyway, how can I contact you anyway? :/
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