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    I've updated the opening post of DM-Coma's thread with a list of hubs known to me to have the map available at the moment.

    Originally posted by insomnaut View Post
    So far, the map is available on a few hubs:
    - [PL] Stand Combo Hub by oLEq
    - [PL] @
    - Absolute (Atlanta)
    - Absolute (Roubaix)
    - -=AW=- Aggressive Warriors ~ Community Playground
    - [PHX] Phoenix Germany
    - Seniors Nirvana .sr [Dallas]
    - Unreal HUB [Dallas]
    - - France #1
    - - Chicago #ut4pugs megaserver
    - - Sydney #1 (via Custom tab, no vote probably)
    - - US-West #1
    - - UK
    - - France
    - (Dallas) BloodBath
    - *** *** HUBzone
    It's only a 8.5 MB file.

    For feedback on the map, please use the map's thread. Thank you.

    Have fun!
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    I think it's too early, most of the newly interested players will be disgusted by current weapon balance. Anyway I signed up, just because I'am fan of the series.

    ps. where is Deck!?
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    I dont get it, why make a tournament when the game is on pre-alpha? . Those weapons are so unbalanced it makes not even sense to make a tournament about this... Whos going to play? Depain? Das? Bleh? Otherwise i dont see point of make a tournament.

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    Erase is already repacked and on SR in NA. I can't find Coma or Mimic on NA or EU though.

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    great news, really.
    i have never played coma, erase, mimic, protracted and i wanna practice them before the cup. how can i play them and when? what exactly does "before cups" mean? ty

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  • started a topic ESL Unreal Tournament

    ESL Unreal Tournament

    ESL announced Unreal Tournament more then 2 months ago. Time has come for Opening Cups.
    Starting on Saturday, March 5th and ending on March 12th, we are running European and North American duel cups.

    Maps Mimic and Erase are being repacked by respective creators and will become available before cups. We'll inform players when those maps get to HUBs.

    Saturday wasn't our main plan but Sunday evenings were reserved.

    Read more here
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