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Unreal Tournament 1999 Demo CTF-Coret Map

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    Unreal Tournament 1999 Demo CTF-Coret Map

    Hello all,

    I was a long time player of Unreal Tournament 1999. However, I came from a poorer family that could not afford the game so I mainly played just on the demo of the game.

    Recently I discovered Unreal Tournment is making a new game and it is being spear headed by the community and I could not be more excited. This game was a major part of my childhood. I spent hundreds, in fact maybe thousands of hours playing UT 1999 demo and specifically CTF-Coret. I spent many years of my childhood playing this game. There were dozens of us that made clans and had the most amazing clan battles on CTF-Coret. (CTF=Capture the Flag)

    There were so many spectators and the best players of each clan playing CTF-Coret instagib or all weapons against each other.

    I am very new to this community but if there is one thing I could request is to bring this one map back. If someone could point me in the right direction to get this back it would be appreciated.

    And the sooner the better because I myselft will organize friday/saturday night professional games (maybe even with commentary) to relive the glory days of groups of friends playing together and engaging in teamwork in such a fun and fast-paced fps shooter.

    If there are any other fans of this map or even want to start organizing teams please let me know.

    I am very thrilled to know there are many UT players out there and I hope I can reconnect to my old UT friends.

    Warmest regards,

    Hey, welcome!
    For some nostalgia needs you can find Coret and the other CTF/DM map ports + more here:

    Have you thought about streaming it on twitch?
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