5vs5 European iCTF Winter DRAFT Cup

Ladies & Gentleman the European UT4 Community is back. Launching one of the biggest events of the year! Following on from the successful King of the Gib tournament, Unreal-Battles opens the iCTF Winter DRAFT Cup doors for sign ups! Players of all abilities are welcome, whether you are a seasoned pro or completely new to the game. We are expecting at least 120 sign-ups or more this year. To sign-up & for more details please look at the links below.

Unreal-Battles Discord: https://discord.gg/unrealbattles
Sign-Up Form: http://ictf.unreal-battles.net/
iCTF Rules: http://rules.unreal-battles.net/
iCTF Schedule: http://schedule.unreal-battles.net/
iCTF Staff: http://staff.unreal-battles.net/
iCTF Downloads: http://downloads.unreal-battles.net/

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints regarding our cup please go to one of our iCTF Staff members listed below!

Cup Team
Event Managers = Loque & Supsun
Cup Admins = dickfish, MastahBates, Waterkater & Xorious
Website Admins = WeeDMaN & MastahBates
Hub Admins = Supsun, DarkHell & Ev0luti0n