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UT4 CTF 5v5 Normal Weapons Cup

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    UT4 CTF 5v5 Normal Weapons Cup

    Hello UT-Players,

    for the love of Unreal Tournament we try to arrange a 5on5 CTF Normal Weapons Cup.
    This is just a list to see who might be interested in participating.

    The tournament should start around Christmas Time 2017. Since we have alot of interested players, the cup will
    proboably be held in a Round Robin Group Phase and end in a Double Elimination Finals Stage.
    That means the Cup could go on until January/February.

    We try to arrange the best experience for everybody, so the thought is to make 2 divisions.
    Therefore any full team is welcome to join either division 1 or 2. If your team is interested just PM me (mighty) on Discord.
    Since we have so many solo players, you can add up in the list and we try to put you on a team of your skill level.
    If you have any wishes regarding who your teammates should be, also just PM me (mighty) on Discord an let me know.

    Mappool: Grendlekeep, Ranel, Cynosure, Azcanize, VaultCity, AreaN, Terra, Orbital, Quick, Blank, Outside, Virility

    Ruleset: Unreal Tournament 4 CTF NW 5v5 Tournament, 20 Minutes Game Time, Friendly Fire: Off, Redeemer Off, Invisibility Off

    This is a preview. Final Ruleset and mappool will follow.

    Feel free to enter your name in list here:

    Best regards
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    Are there any plans for a commentator/stream?
    WIP - Maps (UT - Build


      Nice. I'll give it a go, although I've not played much for a long time. I'm not sure if the recent release of BF2 will help or hinder my aim!
      Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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        Where on discord do i find you? The user 'mighty' apparently exists more than once(?)


          Got my discord account back
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            I think a draft cup would be more realistic. Good luck tough..


              The cup reached playoffs. If you're interested, have a look here:


                We will host an Easter Cup 2018. For more information visit our Discord Channel:
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                  Hello once again,

                  we are about to launch another UT CTF 5on5 NW Cup.

                  You want to play in the upcoming CTF 5on5 NW SPRING Cup, but have no team?
                  No problem, sign up on the linked list and we get in contact with you:

                  You can provide a full team that wants to participate?
                  Even better! You can either sign up the team on the given link or contact us in Discord:

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                    The UT4 CTF NW 5on5 Division 1 - Wintercup 2017 has ended.
                    Here are the final results:

                    Thanks everybody for participating and don't forget to sign up for the Spring Cup 2018!!!