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Unreal-Battles - European 2018 iCTF Draft Cup

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    Unreal-Battles - European 2018 iCTF Draft Cup

    Unreal-Battles - European 2018 iCTF Draft Cup
    September 22th Sign-Ups Close

    Fraggers, gather around! It’s that time of the year. Activity is picking up, both new & hardened players are returning on a daily basis. The new iCTF mod brought life, intensity, action & most importantly joy back to our scene. Enough arguments to keep pugging & polishing your skills, but we’ve got one more thing up our sleeve to motivate you & get yourself warmed up. Therefore, Unreal Battles proudly presents you the… ICTF DRAFT CUP 2018! Bigger, better & more exciting! That’s what we’re aiming for this year. We’ve listened to your complaints last year, & the UB team is doing everything they can behind the scenes to fine-tune this year’s most thrilling tournament to the community’s specific desires.

    What is the draft cup exactly?
    Players of all skill levels are invited to take part in the biggest battle of strategy of the year. Upon registering & summarizing yourself, players will be assigned a category indicative of their skill level. Captains will be given a certain limited budget which they can use to buy players, using their respective categories as a currency. Therefore, new players who aren’t comfortable yet with their skill level, do not worry! You can be key to the victory of your team, since all teams will consist of a balanced mix of veterans & newcomers, ensuring this tournament to be as fair & exciting as possible until the very end. This is your perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the game and get to know our community. Once registrations are over, we will livestream the drafting (i.e. the captains building their team & buying players) & divide the teams in their respective groups. From that moment on, teams will compete for those sweet & limited play-off spots in order to have a chance at winning eternal fame & respect.

    As mentioned before, we want to fine-tune the tournament in order to deliver you the best experience. That’s why we aren’t utilising a fixed deadline for the registrations to end, but instead we will adapt the time table & tournament format according to the amount of signups. We have a set number of players and format in mind, & several alternative options all tweaked to the possible outcomes. Don’t worry. The traditional system of group stages followed by play-offs will be maintained. As always, the tournament is scheduled to end before the start of 2019. More coverage Remember the vivid & endless discussions and speculations in the chat amongst both players and enthusiasts from start to finish? This year we will give you even more to talk about by enabling you to follow the tournament’s matches even better. Besides our usual streams, Unreal Battles managed to capture a partnership with #the-unreal-times in order to deliver detailed match previews, reviews, spotlights & interviews with players, captains & UT fanatics to see keep up with this just find the channel on our discord @

    Sign-ups are open right NOW. Don’t hesitate & head over to to (re)join our community & the opportunity to write history. If you would like to sign-up without using a Google account, please message Invision or the UB Admins with all your information on our discord @ the following link:

    All Information
    Cup Info/Schedule/List of Players:
    Maps: TBC (majority voting in registration form)
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