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Nice UT99 Assault showmatch tomorrow

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    Nice UT99 Assault showmatch tomorrow

    October 26th, UTAssault will be hosting an Assault showmatch featuring some of the best, most creative, funniest, and competitive players in all of UT. While each and every player on the teams of six players will contribute to their cause, there will be a few major key players to watch out for.

    -WISH- - United Kingdom

    Widely considered to be the most unstoppable Assault player of all time. Wish is a fragger so masterful he can drop 300 frags in an hour and has recorded over 500 frags in a single 7-map PUG. Even when rusty he is a master of defense, and one of the most clever attackers, Wish is feared by his enemies and loved by his teammates. Look for him to be keeping his opponents on their toes with a variety of tricks, brilliant positioning, clever tactics, and accidentally suiciding on top of key objectives when he has 100 armor.
    Wish Highlights: Wish Clips 2

    TWNZ - United Kingdom

    Although Twnz has been playing on his claptop and on a Hello Kitty brand desk too small for a preschooler, he is still the most active and formidable opponent in PUGs. Twnz is well-known as a reliable fragger, second only to w1sh, his uncanny ability to get final objectives in the last seconds using his BunnyTracks skills and what can only be assumed to be stoneskin bounce hacks. Another veteran of Assault, Twnz knows what it takes and will do what it takes to win.
    Twnz Highlights: Twnz Movie #2

    SPHERE - United Kingdom

    Although he plays in the shadow of Wish and Twnz, Sphere is among the most versatile players in Assault. Sphere is a perennial ^nomic who still features some of the best comms, and is the most solid back defender in the game. Although Sphere is an excellent top-tier fragger, his all-around skills completing highly-technical launches and playing a diversity of positions give his team a leg up on Twnz and Wish.
    Sphere Highlights: Monsterkilllllll

    DJ_AL - Sweden

    DJ considers himself to be the most famous Unreal Tournament player of all time, when everyone else knows it's actually TSM. He made a name for himself as one of the starting players in >SwaP<, one of the premier clans during UTAssault's heyday. During PUGs you can often find DJ standing behind other players and shooting them in the back, a tactic known as "DJ-ing." DJ will do his best to live up to his ego in any chance he has to be in the spotlight, and everyone else on the server will be doing their best to stop him.
    DJ's Highlights: CannonBall 2013

    SMANT - United States of America

    Playing on 130 ping is a disadvantage for anyone but Wish. Competing on 130 ping is foolish. While not expecting to frag as well as EU players, smant can put up top mid-range frag numbers and provide his team with an asset tactically as one of the best launchers in the game, solid comms, and an ego almost as big as DJ's (who he is definitely better than).
    smant Highlights: Party Hard

    ERT - Germany

    Another veteran of -{Mi5}-, eRt is a solid player who will hold the line for his team. Look for his teamwork with former -{Mi5}- alums Twnz or Wish, and his often under-appreciated teamplay. His menacing defense will be a big advantage to any team he's on.
    eRt Highlights: Pug Clips #3

    CYBORG - Portugal

    The WORLD RECORD holder of the Unreal Tournament Godlike speedrun is one of the unsung heroes of Assault. His carefree attitude, special tactics, and solid defensive abilities make him a major asset to any team, and a challenge for any other team to face.
    Cyborg Highlights: UT99 Assault: Shelved and Forgotten


    Jaybone is quite easily one of the worst players to ever be allowed to install Unreal Tournament. While he is his team's biggest weak point, he is also Twnz's Achilles heel. Look for Jaybone to suicide into a wall every time he gets rockets, causing Twnz to laugh hart and suicide as well, giving Twnz's opponents an edge. :P

    We look forward to you tuning in this Sunday on with backup streams on is the premier Unreal Tournament Assault community , with daily PUGs happening on IRC at #utapug
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