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    New Pug channel for UT4 Instagib - #ut4.ig on
    Webchat link-

    It's been very successful in its first week.

    Game Types:

    iDuel (0/2) «» LTS (0/10) «» iCTF (0/10) «» 2iCTF (0/4) «» 2iTDM (0/4) «» iTDM (0/8)

    List of commands:
    Mulsiphix's Guide to PUGing:

    Have fun.


    More to add to this so people get more of the details.
    This channel is for the North American Instagib Community & we recently just opened our channel a week ago. It surprisingly haven't been to bad 1st couple days we were opened we already had 60-70 idlers. Right now our channel is mostly active during the nights but we are trying to get pugs started earlier. We also plan to open a public NA hub for players also.

    Location: North America
    Pug Starting Times: 8:30-9pm EST.
    Pug Ending Times: 3-4am EST.

    Pugbot Stats:
    Channel created on: March 21, 2016
    Date we opened channel for pugs: March 23, 2016
    Record Visitors: 78
    Total Pugs: 31
    Daily: 4
    Unique Players: 64
    Last Pug: 12hrs 21mins 20secs ago

    Here are the locations of all of our hubs at the moment:
    Please uncheck the Unresponsive Servers box!
    #UT4.ig - NewYork Password: pug
    XC Instagib Hub (TEXAS)
    Unreal Prime (CALIFORNIA) Password: pug
    Unreal Prime (CHICAGO) Password: pug

    Here is some videos of what it's like to pug in #UT4.ig ..Thanks to Blue Cloud

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