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    Unreal Tournament Assault PUG

    Hi guys!

    There's an Assault PUG on #UTApug. The Assault community was a very active community with over 3,000 players in the league. PUGs are not quite as active 15 years later, but we do feature the very best pugbot out there, and a very fun community behind UT's most fun gametype!

    For those of you who don't know, the UT99 community was responsible for creating some of the greatest enhancements to UT, and all UTA PUGs feature the enhanced Unreal Tournament features of LeagueAssault140: Team colors, flags for Assault objectives so you can't lose your way, objective listings on-screen, team status, HUD tweaks, enhanced login abilities for tournaments and matches, and a bunch of other features I can't begin to remember at the moment.

    Feel free to join the fun!
    IRC.UTASSAULT.NET #UTAPUG (if you're having a connection error, try #utapug)
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