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    We just reached 400 followers on Facebook.
    More info in my signature!

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    Didn't see this message since was in a sub-forum didn't really notice it. But to answer your ? I think I might have already in IRC but Yes all players are welcomed from anywhere but ping wise it might be bad for some players around the world but you are all still welcomed. We have pugs mixing from low to high skilled players but all new players are welcomed also if anyone gives anyone a problem simply just message someone in the channel with a @ & we will make sure everything goes smooth, their are some players who are competitive & get angry but we try to make sure it stays at a minimum.

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    Are North American players with trans-Atlantic pings welcome?

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    Originally posted by mad1Z View Post
    did you disable ping compensation on these servers? I have to say I don't like it compared to the feeling I got on epics hubs.
    I dont even think its possible to disable, but in short: no
    Your local isp routing to servers/hubs I cant influence, we have a german hub and dutch hub.
    See you soon!

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    did you disable ping compensation on these servers? I have to say I don't like it compared to the feeling I got on epics hubs.

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    Our first big UT4 promotion event is planned and organized!

    Sunday 8th of November and Sunday 15th of November, 20:00 cet to 23:00 cet

    The iCTF Promotion Nations Cup
    7 countries participating and battling over 2 days for the golden #1 spot!

    The goals of this event are:
    - Promotion of the community - the European UT4 community - and get people to know it, join the community and channel and participate in the many many pickup games played there
    - Triggering to get inactive players active, or new players interested, in the UT4 game and the game-modes and events can and will host
    - We carefully invited a selection of countries this time: we chose captains of countries which showed great activity (last weeks in our pickup games), that way we could rely on teams having enough players

    Captain North America: cafe
    Captain United Kingdom: fifty
    Captain Germany: immortal
    Captain The Netherlands: impure
    Captain Belgium: slave
    Captain France: jerome
    Captain Scandinavia: exixt

    Stream: zaccubus

    Check out our promo video and share!
    Find our details in my signature below.
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    Please note that we moved from Quakenet to GlobalGamers !

    This way we hope all (new) players can more easily find us, join our channel and gather with all other EU players!

    Hopefully see you soon!
    channel on GlobalGamers IRC

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    Glad to see you found your own place to spam advertising. Good luck with your pugs

    - I personally will not tolerate you or your people persistently spamming chat logs or other servers. I wouldn't do it on your server. You have been warned

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  • @ GlobalGamers irc - the European UT4 community

    Hi Gamers,

    we are alive and kicking - playing instagib and weapons pugs - in channel on GlobalGamers IRC

    This is the one and only place for the European UT4 community

    Join forces, get together and participate!

    Why play here?
    1. Awesome ping for European players (German HUB)
    2. Active in the EU timezone

    We play:
    • duel (insta and weaps)
    • 4x4 tdm (insta and weaps)
    • 5x5 ctf (insta and weaps)

    You are warmly welcome, hopefully see you soon there!

    GlobalGamers webchat :
    Or type this command in your IRC if you are connected to a different network : /server -m -j
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