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    Originally posted by ShazamTwix View Post

    Hai! Not sure if this will help but for those running 64bit Windows - Epic Games assumes it is installed in "C:\Program Files\Epic Games" which would be correct if you are running a 32bit version of Windows OS. If you are running a 64bit version you need to browse to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games" and select that location. should install fine from there (worked for me).

    Good luck
    This worked !!! Thank you <3


      Originally posted by Arivalunio View Post
      Okay so I had the same problem and i solved it by myself
      1 Open This Computer/My Computer
      2 Go to properties of disc you want to install the game
      3 Go to seciurity tab
      4 Click edit
      5 Grant every single group there all the permissions
      6 enjoy installing games there
      ... And you just made the whole hard-drive unsafe, therefore your OS installation and everything in it: now any malicious code can do havoc on your computer, even from external ran code while browsing the internet.
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