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Epic Games Launcher won't open.

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    can someone please help me - I downloaded Launcher, but it only shows the little blue circle running. When I right click and run the "troubleshoot compatibility" it shows compatibility with Windows 8 and I have Windows 10


      Originally posted by X.a.o.C View Post
      New build and im here back again.
      So this time i can't open the epic games launcher so i could download the new UT4 build, there are no errors showing up when i try to start the launcher just nothing happens. I tried open it as a admin, updated my Graphics card drivers, tried some other stuff nothing works also tried to install a new launcher but i get a error 'Install failed- The necessary prerequisites have failed to instal.Error code r-1603' then i recoverd the old launcher.

      Now im asking for help again because i have no clue what to do. The game works fine but no one is playing obviously on the older UT4 build. :/

      i too have the same problem and it is bugging me, like majorly


        I updated my pc and then it started working again. Try that. It worked for me