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Install Failed Error Code: IS-0002

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    [BUG] Install Failed Error Code: IS-0002

    See image below. I was doing work on my computer and my disks changed names. Disk F:/ became disk D:/

    I decided to fire up UT and I can't update it because it cannot find the F:/ directory. There doesn't seem to be any way to change it, so I'm thinking I will have to perform a reinstall. I sitll have all the game content just no way to point the launcher to where it is located, would be cool if there was a locate button.

    Also the error code link has no text/help:


    EDIT: The plot thickens! I have uninstalled everything UT related, and deleted any and all keys in regedit containing the string "epic games" and searched for "unreal" and "tournament" no results. For all purposes my PC should be clean of anything related to UT.

    YET... when I try to reinstall the launcher chooses the location of what I assume is the old F:/ drive which is now called D:/ and tries to install the launch in location: 0 (see image attached). This obviously fails. Googling around looks like there is no way to change the UT launcher install directory at this time due to pre-alpha and all that? Guess I will be without UT for now
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    Delete C:\Users\[account_name]\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher folder and try again.
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      Originally posted by _Lynx View Post
      Delete C:\Users\[account_name]\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher folder and try again.
      Nope, sorry same error. Game keeps trying to install into directory "0" I don't think I can install UT until there is an option of where to install it to


        Hey BFishY, Please send in an E-mail to and our support team should be able to troubleshoot with you. Thanks!


          I dont can play




              I just got this error. I had to add change permission for the folder in the error message to allow Full Access to my user ID. That seemed to work.