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How to fix paint-like graphics in Fullscreen?

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  • How to fix paint-like graphics in Fullscreen?


    I had to reinstall my OS due to HDD replacement. This happens in fullscreen + it says my monitor is 40hz (in vsync settings), which it is not.

    Click image for larger version

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    Last time I had a problem with 40hz and washed out colours on CTF-blank, it was solved by downloading the latest Intel Graphics Driver. Which is now installed and didn't solve anything.

    My system is a laptop with Intel Pentium Dual core 2020M + CPU Intel HD Graphics + Radeon HD 8750M.

    Radeon is on latest drivers, Intel Graphics is on latest drivers and switchable graphics is set to max performance (i.e. Radeon HD 8750M).

    Windowed(fullscreen) display settings works without colourful artifacts but performance is decreased and I am having input issues (such as deleting text from chatbox or even movement not registered now and then).

    Thank you!

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    sounds like you are missing chipset drivers and so forth for your laptop. go to the manuf web site for the laptop and get all the drivers for the OS u are using. then run windows updates


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      Thank you, so I assume here -

      It should be the one which says "Intel Management Engine Components Driver"?

      Will try and let you know! Thanks!


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        Nope, does not work yet. I guess I don't have to install all the bluetooth and Wifi drivers (since network works well even with default Win10 drivers) so I only installed anything GPU related (Intel Graphics drivers and AMD Radeon drivers) and the chipset thing and I don't really see anything else relevant to install.

        I also installed the HP Support Assistant which checks your HW and offers the latest drivers - it only offerred a last month's Βios update which I installed and it didn't help either.

        All Windows updates installed.

        I am getting clueless.

        Now I am installing a GTAV to see if it works because last time I had a problem with UT, GTAV was running flawlessly.

        Looking forward to any other suggestions!

        PS: Yes, I tried to uninstall and reinstall both Intel and AMD drivers as well - in differrent order as well.
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          Still no solution. GTA V runs without any problem fullscreen.


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            ill keep it honest fellow player, i work on hp laptops everyday, hp graphics are not that great, but in any event try installing every available driver, adjust your resolution and give it a go :thumbsup: