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Can't get editor to launch

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    Can't get editor to launch

    As above ^

    Tried reinstalling + verifying several times, no luck. Starts up gets to about 92% reaaaaaaaally slowly then either crashes or i get BSOD. Grinds my whole pc to a halt whilst its initializing too.

    Using windows 10 x64
    16gb ram
    4.5ghz cpu
    plenty of HDD space of both partitions

    can't supply any reports atm as i uninstalled and need to redowload 32gb again... lol.

    Will post back with crash report soon as its redownloaded.

    In the mean time anything I can try?

    Cheers in advance

    (and sorry for the lack of info provided i know that sucks.)

    ah yeah, thats the first start of editor. better do it when you got to sleep and let it run. its normal that 92% - 94% on first-ever loading takes ages. It normally doesnt crash, only if PC has no resources anymore like ram/cpu. So better you do it at night. You could also try installing it on other harddrive, if you have
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      Hey thanks for the reply sorry for the slow response was ill and off pc. Managed to load in! Took so many attempts though. Hopefulyl I wont have the same problem now that it's done it's initial load. Thanks for the reply, hope to be posting some content soon as I can get some time off from university!