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Unreal Tournament Black screen "Has stopped working" ?

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    Unreal Tournament Black screen "Has stopped working" ?


    I'll try to explain the best i can. I'm experiencing a bug here, i've been playing the Alpha version of UT since 2015 and i just got a fresh new PC installation with Windows 7 64bits "Ultimate".
    I installed Epic Launcher and Unreal Tournament, everything seems allright no errors. But when i launch the game here is what happends

    *Loading for 5 sec* -> UT Splashscreen -> Game launch in full screen windowed mode -> And it's all black it stay like this... (See the photos)

    When i check with the window task manager it says "UnrealTounrament "Is not responding", can you please help me? (I never had this problem before with the same setup.)

    My setup:
    Windows 7 64bits "Ultimate"
    16Go RAM
    Graphic drivers are up to date
    Firewall and antivirus are disabled
    Direct x and VC are fine and up to date

    Thank you very much and have a nice day! :