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    [BUG] Bug In-game

    When i make custom match wanting to play official community maps from game, it redirects me to epic store market where i receive the message that says community maps are free for all now , because Epic got rid of UT marketplace.
    The question is: why the map never stays unlocked on game? I have to "redownload" the map every time i want to play it , because it doesn't stay unlocked. There is a fix for this? Any devs, Can you please look on my account ? I already tried to reinstall the game , and tried the method deleting user local profile from my documents so it will spawn another fresh one. Nothing happens , the problem persists. It is like a bug. I even make a ticket to epic games support but they redirected me here.
    I attached a video with the problem so you can what i am talking about on this link:
    Thanks in advance !
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    Any developers/moderators?


      Any developers/moderators?


        no and why dont you use youtube for a video
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