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Trouble with chat bar

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    Trouble with chat bar

    Hey guys, I guess this is a fairly lower traffic forum compared to fortnite and the like but I was hoping someone could help me with an issue.

    I have no idea how to chat in the text bar. I’ll see people talking smack. Or giving compliments. And I go to reply and all it says is something like “command not recognized” or something like that. There must be something I need to type first to send my message into the common thread in-game but my system is only recognizing it as some kind of command for the game itself.

    Btw if anyone wants to add me send me a request. I’m trying to get more into the UT scene.

    There are two chat commands, "say" and "teamsay". you can type those (without quotes) before your message, if you already have a console open. Easier than that, you can use press 'T' key to open a talk console then just type your message, or press 'Y' key to open a Team-Talk console and just type your team message.