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READ FIRST: Welcome to the UT Development Bug Reports/QA forum!

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    [OFFICIAL] READ FIRST: Welcome to the UT Development Bug Reports/QA forum!

    Welcome to the UT Dev QA forum!

    Here you will be able to report bugs found while playing Unreal Tournament. For help/support with builds and other technical issues please visit your respective operating system sub-forum (links are located below).

    Before you report any bugs please attempt to search the forums and JIRA (This bug database is very much a work in progress) to see if anyone else has discovered similar issues. This will help us prevent duplicate reports from being generated. If the issue has been posted already please provide any additional information you may have about the issue in their thread.

    Preferred Method of Reporting Bugs

    Summary: Brief summary of the issue
    Version: Version or name of the build found
    Description: If necessary a more detailed description
    Steps to Repro: Steps needed to reproduce the issue
    Attachments: Any attachments needed to help demonstrate the bug

    An Example Being:

    Sniper primary breaks when firing in the air



    Sniper primary fire will cease to function when jumping into the air using lifts, space bar, or jump pads and attempting to fire with left mouse button.

    Steps to Repro:
    1. Launch a dedicated server
    2. Have a client join
    3. Acquire a sniper and equip it
    4. Jump and fire the sniper

    The sniper primary fire will stop functioning

    Attach any UTBugIt screenshots or location information, necessary pictures, logs, or videos

    Tips for helping us track down bugs
    1. Provide a quick synopsis of the issue or bug you’ve discovered in the thread title. Try to avoid short titles like “Found a bug…” and “just crashing”.
    2. Include extra information about the bugs conditions. Does it only reproduce online, local games, dedicated server only, etc.. If you discover a bug during online play, it is very useful to see if you can reproduce it locally in a standalone game. This helps determine whether the bug is likely to be game code or net code related.
    3. Feel free to include any additional information that can help track down issues (Pictures, Videos, Logs, dxdiag, etc).

    Additional information to assist with tracking down crashes
    1. Providing us with the crash report or the game logs from the crashed session is one of the best ways to assist with tracking down crashes.
    2. Log/Dump files are saved within the game’s “Saved” folder and can be found at …\UnrealTournament\Saved\Logs
    3. Additionally, providing us with the DxDiag of your computer will allow us to troubleshoot issues more efficiently by being able to understand more about the machine that is being impacted by an issue. (Here's a step by step guide to creating dxdiag report)

    UTBugIt Information - UPDATE 1/6/2015

    We now have a new tool in our arsenal to help track down level specific bugs or acquire screenshots of issues in game. You can now use the console command "UTBugIt"!

    If you locate a bug within a level you can look at the issue in game and type "UTBugIt FileNameHere" (FileNameHere being what ever you would like the name of the folder to be). This will generate a folder with a screenshot of you were looking at in the game at the time the command was entered and it will provide a text document with various information about the map and location the screenshot was taken. Using this tool will help level designers track down various issues that might have been hard to describe before or would have needed a video to demonstrate how to get to a location.

    Folders generated by this command are by located by default at:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\BugIt\WindowsNoEditor on Windows
    Documents -> UnrealTournament -> Saved -> BugIt on Mac

    If you are a level designer or someone working within the engine you can use the text file included with a UTBugIt to teleport straight to the location where the command was entered originally. To do this you will need to locate the UTBugIt folder in question.

    1. Open the BugIt folder and inside you will see the screenshot of the location of where the command was entered as well as a text file.
    2. In the text file there is a line that begins with "BugItGo."
    3. Copy the entire line that begins with BugItGo and then paste that into the console in the engine while you have the same map open.
    4. This will move your camera/player immediately to the location in question.

    A BugItGo will look like this for example "BugItGo 1019.630371 1469.357666 844.150024 -2.792053 20.861773 0.000000".

    Other Bug Reporting Forums:
    For any issues relating to the UT Editor please post on this forum:

    For any issues relating to the Windows x64 and Windows x86 builds please post on this forum:

    For any issues relating to the Mac builds please post on this forum:

    For any issues relating to the Linux builds please post on this forum:

    Thanks everyone for your help and thanks for helping make Unreal Tournament better!

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