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[BUG] Feign death bug on lift

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    [BUG] Feign death bug on lift

    Feign death makes you stuck in run animation and fly out of the map when done on a moving lift; lift keeps moving up and down after suicide.



    This is actually a collection of bugs happening with one event. When you feign death on a lift that is moving, your character will fly out of the map with great speed and be stuck in the run animation (sometimes you will die due to huge fall damage). You will not be able to get up, so you have to suicide. Once you suicide your character will still be running forward (and produce sound), but you will respawn. The lift however (or any other bump-sensitive mover) will continue to be triggered without anything standing on it, going up and down all the time. This was tested on DM-Decktest, on both single-player and multiplayer. On multiplayer however, you will be able to get up again, so the lift will not get stuck.

    Steps to Repro:
    1. Start a single-player game on DM-Decktest or join a server that is running DM-Decktest
    2. Walk to the lift area and stand on one of the lifts
    3. While the lift is moving, feign death
    4. Open console, type "suicide", and walk back to the lift you did this on

    Your body flies out of the map, after suiciding the lift moves up and down continuously, being triggered every time it reaches its "rest" position.

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    I also notice this on spacer.....the lift near the biorifle.