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    Originally posted by uÐied View Post

    dude your a f**k'in legend you deserve V-Bucks from epic for this guide!!! thanks a bunch!!!!

    (epic pay him, your launcher is rubbish)
    100% agree! RuZZTNailZ did indeed nail it! You saved me countless hours!


      awesome guide. this also helps with getting red dead redemption 2 to update to the latest version 1.14. i couldnt get it to start the update and spoke to epics online support which were next to no help so cheers for this guide!!


        This makes no sense to me..lmao


          so what i did to get it to work was start downloading the game then pause it. move the original RedDeadRedemption2 folder into the folder that contains the new download, not the new folder but in the folder before it so they merge then i went back into epic games and then resumed download. the epic games launcher started verifying it as if it already downloaded


            Originally posted by ralazin View Post
            Yeah none of the above tricks work for me I installed 4 games yesterday played them and today the launcher does show them as installed. Yes I renamed the folder restarted the download paused it copied the old download folder content to the new folder hit the resume and the Epic launcher did not verify it just started the download overwriting an already downloaded game. WTF is wrong here? I can't be downloading the same 40 GB games over and over ad infinitum I am beginning to really hate EPIC....

            This 100% worked. Thanks g, now I can play Shenmue 3 on the go with my surface


              You don't need to reinstall Epic Games Launcher
              It worked for me this Instructions for Recognising already installed game in Epic Games Launcher:

              - Rename the game file to another thing such as "_GameFolder"
              - Open epic games launcher and start to download your game, when its 1~ mb cancel it
              - Close epic games launcher(not from taskbar)
              - Press win + r and type "temp" , then delete all files
              do it again by typing "%temp%" "prefetch" and "recent" , too
              - Now rename "_GameFolder" to without "_" , like this "GameFolder" (You must rename folder with same name made by Epic Games)
              - Open epic games launcher from taskbar (it is already running in background)
              - Click continue to download

              Now it is going to verify game automatically.


                Originally posted by RuzzTNailZ View Post
                I recently updated my OS to Windows 10 as a clean install. In the new OS, I installed Epic Games Launcher to it's default directory on drive C, same location as it existed on Windows 7.

                When I logged in, my Library had all of the games greyed out as though they were not installed. But my previously installed games did still exist on drive D. This probably has to do with the new launcher install not having the manifest data that the old Windows 7 install had created over time.

                If you try to install (re-install) a game you know has already been installed, the EG Launcher will not let you install (or re-install) to a directory that already exists. It says "Directory must be empty.", when you try to install to the original game directory.

                1. Go to your Epic Games directory with Windows Explorer. It's usually C:\Program Files\Epic Games, unless you originally installed to a different location. Mine was on drive D.
                2. Find the game folder you want to reinstall (get working) and rename it. I just put an underscore in front of the original name. ex. _ShadowComplexRemastered
                3. Start the install from the launcher. It will ask you to "Choose install location". Select the base Epic Games folder where your game files are already installed. ex. C:\Program Files\Epic Games. It will then show that path and add the game folder to the end. ex. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ShadowComplexRemastered. Click Install.
                4. Let the Launcher download a couple MB's and "Cancel" the install, but leave open the launcher. Now you have a nearly empty brand new game folder in your Epic Games folder.
                5. Go back to Windows Explorer and rename the brand new folder to anything else. Then, go to the original folder you renamed and name it back to it's original name. You can delete the newer empty folder.
                6. Go to Launcher and click "Resume". The launcher will immediately Verify all files and you'll be ready to play.

                Epic Games devs, it would be super helpful for users to have a "Games Install Location" on the launcher Settings page, so the launcher can automatically recognize files in a pre-existing directory and immediately verify them.
                Thank you!!!!! This verification method works EXACTLY as he said with all the little caveats done in order (not pausing, but canceling, then resuming after renaming and deleting). Thank you!!!!

                Epic Games really needs to do a UbiSoft/Uplay, Origin, or Steam style easy way of game verification so that hard drive, OS, or any other upgrades do not mandate a re-download of games for those who are not successful with this method. The other portals have done it, so it should not be a big deal for Epic Games to have it done; would make their platform more profitable. I had to deal with these archaic ways of re-downloading until some benevolent sharp users posted solutions herein for the rest of us poor souls.

                Running Windows 7 on AsRock Ryzen 7 system (yes, late-gen AMD chipset motherboards actually work with Windows 7 if you swap pre-installed Windows 7 hard drive over to new AMD system, and use PCIe USB riser cards to get around lack of USB support with anything but a late-gen MSI Board [MSI still supports Windows 7 for their AMD chipsets]).


                  I can't find Fortnite and Unreal Tournament 4 on Epic Games Launcher/Store.