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    didnt work . verified till 17% and then reinstall started again


      Epic Games My Epic games Dosnt download whyy

      I dont Know what to do!


        Originally posted by dantdmfan3342 View Post
        didnt work . Verified till 17% and then reinstall started again
        mine too...


          If anybody still having problems with this, try this :

          The steps written here didn't work for me, then I found that you need to move .egstore folder from the newly downloaded folder into the already installed one. Worked for my GTA V, might not work for all games.


            Not downloading


              Originally posted by ruzztnailz View Post
              i recently updated my os to windows 10 as a clean install. In the new os, i installed epic games launcher to it's default directory on drive c, same location as it existed on windows 7.

              When i logged in, my library had all of the games greyed out as though they were not installed. But my previously installed games did still exist on drive d. This probably has to do with the new launcher install not having the manifest data that the old windows 7 install had created over time.

              If you try to install (re-install) a game you know has already been installed, the eg launcher will not let you install (or re-install) to a directory that already exists. It says "directory must be empty.", when you try to install to the original game directory.

              1. Go to your epic games directory with windows explorer. It's usually c:\program files\epic games, unless you originally installed to a different location. Mine was on drive d.
              2. Find the game folder you want to reinstall (get working) and rename it. I just put an underscore in front of the original name. Ex. _shadowcomplexremastered
              3. Start the install from the launcher. It will ask you to "choose install location". Select the base epic games folder where your game files are already installed. Ex. C:\program files\epic games. It will then show that path and add the game folder to the end. Ex. C:\program files\epic games\shadowcomplexremastered. Click install.
              4. Let the launcher download a couple mb's and "cancel" the install, but leave open the launcher. Now you have a nearly empty brand new game folder in your epic games folder.
              5. Go back to windows explorer and rename the brand new folder to anything else. Then, go to the original folder you renamed and name it back to it's original name. You can delete the newer empty folder.
              6. Go to launcher and click "resume". The launcher will immediately verify all files and you'll be ready to play.

              Epic games devs, it would be super helpful for users to have a "games install location" on the launcher settings page, so the launcher can automatically recognize files in a pre-existing directory and immediately verify them.
              my dearest sir can i please have your discord i want to buy you a month of nitro thank you for this amazing piece of info that epic is too ****** to provide. I love you kind sir *salut*


                Que tengo que hacer


                  I found that there's a beter way to do all of this

                  First you start a download for a game that you don't need/want. (a demo for a game or whatever else)
                  Next, you queue the download for the game YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO reenable/verify. Once queued, the folder for the queued game will be created and then you move the contents of the original install into the newly created folder. (Or if they are already in that location, you can rename the folder to something else.)
                  Third, you can cancel the demo/random game you queued, and once that is done Epic will automatically verify the files in there. If there are any files missing/bad files, Epic will redownload the rest.

                  This used to be a lot easier in the past, but for some reason, Epic added that to the install process that states "The folder must be empty"

                  Literally if they removed that screen, we wouldn't have to do any of this BS, as the launcher natively supports verifying files.


                    Resume werkt nie


                      For those who keep saying all you have to do is point the launcher to the right location, where the game is already installed, and that it will work just fine, you're wrong. (or lying)

                      If you do this, Epic Games will tell you that the directory must be empty, and grays out the install button, preventing you from proceeding.

                      My screenshot shows the results of me trying this with "Alan Wake's American Nightmare"

                      RuzzTNailZ has it right, except that you must choose to cancel the download, not pause it.

                      Their procedure appears to be the only solution, once Windows has been reinstalled, or you are installing Epic Games Launcher on a different OS on the same PC.

                      Minus the renaming of the original game folder, EpicGames has this same procedure in their self help area, which includes the extra step of removing the ".egstore" file from inside the game directory.


                      I do however 100% agree that Epic Games Launcher should natively support importing an existing Epic Games library. Steam does this flawlessly, and UPLAY allows you to locate a previously installed game, right on that game's install page. Why can't anyone else seem to figure out how to make their launchers do this?

                      Click image for larger version

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                        The above process works great if you want to do it one game at a time. Unfortunately, over the past year I have collected a number of free games from EPIC and upgraded my Windows from 7 to 10 and did feel like taking this long path every time.

                        I found an easier way to do things without doing the rename folder, download 1MB, stop download, purge folders, rename folder, restart download to verify download, just too much work.

                        Firstly, exit EPIC Launcher completely.

                        Secondly, go to folder "{root}:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests" sans quotes and backup the folder.

                        Then download Notepad++, once downloaded and installed, run Notepad++ and follow the steps below.

                        Open "Search" menu and select "Find in Files"

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	notepad.png
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                        Find what: your old game folder location

                        Replace with: your new game folder location

                        Filters: the manifest files which are a 32 character hexadecimal filename with an extension ending in '*.item'.

                        Directory: Go to folder "{root}:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher\Data\Manifests" sans quotes where all the game manifests are referring to the old game drive\folder name

                        Click on replace all.

                        It will replace all folder references in all "*.item" files, i.e. "ManifestLocation": "{old_drive}:\\{old_folder}\\{name_of_game_folder}/.egstore",

                        Finally, launch EPIC Launcher and all your games with be installed in full not verifying required.

                        Let me know if it worked for you, I have tested it myself and it worked for me.



                          I have the same problem, I had downgraded from Windows 10 version 2004 to Windows 8.1 Pro build 9600 and have the game (Rocket Leauge) in a different drive.
                          I had installed Windows 8.1 as a clean install, as it wouldn't let me downgrade from Windows 10 itself (blah, blah, blah).
                          So I install the Epic Game Launcher and decided to play some Rocket Leauge, but what a surprise, it doesn't detect the game, even though I had already installed a different game, Pikuniku, and HAD IT INSTALL TO THE SAME DIRECTORY AS Rocket Leauge.
                          So what can I do?