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Question regarding package maintaining

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    Question regarding package maintaining

    Hi, I have begun to maintain a package for Arch Linux on the AUR for the compiled client. I have posted it on reddit, and one of the users has asked if was against forum rules to link the client directly.
    The PKGBUILD I have can be found here:

    I read over the rules but could not find anything regarding directly linking the compiled client shared in the announcements. If I am mistaken please let me know and I will update the PKGBUILD accordingly.

    In the manor I have built the package, Arch users can download a snapshot from the AUR and create the package without visiting the forums. I have also included the license that is part of Unreal Engine in the package.

    It was at some point before, not sure about now. I hope [MENTION=1513]Flak[/MENTION] can say something more specific.
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      I'm wondering if it would be possible instead of using an amazon web services link to post the zips on the Unreal Tournament github.

      This would force the user to register an account (thus also agreeing to terms), and link their github account in order to access the files.

      This might be a possible solution regarding hotlinking, seeing as it forces the user to agree to terms in order to get a copy of the client from an official repo, rather than a seemingly obscure amazon web services link
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        You want to store 10G binary data on github? Do they even allow that? I'm pretty sure if you do that, Linus Torwalds himself is going to send you an angry email.

        I'm fairly certain that Epic could hack together a frontend with a login if they wanted to.

        FWIW, Gentoo can ship a license along with the ebuild, requiring the user to explicitly accept it before being able to install the package. I'm sure Arch can do something similar.


          yeah sorry, I didn't even think about the size when I posted the suggestion. I already have the licence.pdf as part of the package installer, I just wanted to make sure hotlinking directly to the client url was OK

          also you have to agree to the same terms when you create an account here, which is necessary to log into the game

          also you have to agree to the same terms when you actually launch the game the first time

          so yeah. plenty of license agreeing already in place :x
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