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UnrealTournament.uproject missing in 0.1.12 download archive?

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    UnrealTournament.uproject missing in 0.1.12 download archive?

    Hi All,
    well that topic name already unveils my question. I loaded the linux version using the linkin the blog (June update), unzipped everything, chmod the UE4-Linux-Shipping in the engine folder and then started the executable by calling UE4-Linux-Shipping UnrealTournament. Well directly the first lines of output gave me "LogInitisplay: Project file not found: some/private/path/UT/LinuxNoEditor/UnrealTournament/UnrealTournament.uproject"
    And indeed the file does not seem to be in the .zip. Question is now: Where to get it? Or was this download a patch only and the original file is in some previous version? In that case a hint on the blog with which version to start and which patches are required would be useful, since no one likes gigabytes of unnecessary download

    Thank you very much

    Unfortunately not ... the Engine is starting up and given me also a graphical message that the project file is not found, but thats all ... The first lines when starting:

    ./UE4-Linux-Shipping UnrealTournament
    Using binned2.
    4.15.0-3525360+++UT+Release-Next 511 0
    Disabling core dumps.
    Project file not found: /home/lolliedieb/UT/LinuxNoEditor/UnrealTournament/UnrealTournament.uprojectLogInitisplay: Running engine for game: UnrealTournament
    LogInitisplay: Project file not found: /home/lolliedieb/UT/LinuxNoEditor/UnrealTournament/UnrealTournament.uproject
    LogInitisplay: Attempting to find via project info helper.
    LogUProjectInfo: Found projects:
    LogPlatformFile: Using cached read wrapper

    So it tries to find something, but its plainly not there.
    But ls /home/lolliedieb/UT/LinuxNoEditor/ gives:
    Engine Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Linux.txt UnrealTournament

    So the folder is there and within UnrealTournament folder there are three sub-dirs "Binaries Content Plugins" ... so it seems everything unpacked correctly - but that .uproject is somehow missing.


      First, UnrealTournament.uproject missing is a normal error and you can ignore that. I guess that the file is only needed for development.

      One thing to know is that 32 bit support has been dropped so even if you have a 64 bit CPU like almost everyone now, be sure that you have installed and running 64 bit distribution.

      You should try adding -SaveToUserDir option to your command line so you're certain that the game has necessary rights and can create his directories (UnrealTournament and CrashReportClient, both have subfolders) . They will be in your home in Documents folder. If you don't add this it tries to create them where you unpacked the game. As you seem to have extract archive in your home, it shouldn't be the source of the problem but, anyway it will be easier for you find them later.

      By default, the game tries to use OpenGL4 for graphics. If your graphic card and drivers are not supporting it, the game crash. It should try by itself OpenGL3 but doesn't. So another thing that you try is adding -opengl3 option to the command line.
      Your distribution certainly supply glinfo and glxinfo. It will give you info about opengl in your system and also Mesa version.

      Another source of crash can be additional files, mutators and mods if they are not compiled for same version or have not full linux support. i.e. some have linux support but only server side, it won't work. So, I wouldn't add anything before you get it starting.

      I hope that it helps. Good luck


        I had this problem too and took me a while to track down. If you see this error in the terminal: "Warning: dlopen failed: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" then you probably have to install libgconf-2-4. That solved it for me but like most others here, I still have weird texture issues for some models.


          sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4 fixes the issue.

          Ubuntu 18.04 LTS