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UT reports GL 4.3 when I have 4.6

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  • UT reports GL 4.3 when I have 4.6

    Anyone know why this happens? Is there a config setting I can change?


    Arch Linux 4.15.2-2-ARCH
    nvidia 390.25-9

    I know I've seen log(s) showing GL 4.5, so I should have that, at least.

    Wondering how much this is responsible for graphical anomalies? Mostly because of the view blockage on Campgrounds (Other maps, too, but not alwayso vital to gameplay). Some of the torches (and other spots) seem to produce 2D textures that have default checkerboard material.
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    Strange, I'm using RadeonSI and my UT reports OGL 4.5. Maybe the Nvidia driver did something odd with compatibility profiles (UT looks for the real thing)

    Anyway that has nothing to do with the graphical anomalies, they are on the linux build and are showing exactly the same for everyone, regardless of graphic card manufactorer and driver. Those are cooking errors that epic must fix on their end.
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      Ok. Pretty much what I figured. Thinking back, the posted logs I've seen were probably not NVidia w/4.5. My UT has been 4.3 from way back, so not caused by a driver change.
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