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340.65 Sky Problem, "ShowFlag.SkyLighting 0" alternative?

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    340.65 Sky Problem, "ShowFlag.SkyLighting 0" alternative?

    Hello everyone!

    Just, tested the 5/01/2015 build, and managed to get into a game for the first time!

    The graphics were messed up but:

    "r.simpledynamiclighting 1",
    "r.lensflarequality 0",

    took care of almost everything. Now the only thing that persists is the "disco bug" when looking at the sun.
    I am using a GTS 250 in Debian Wheezy 64bit, thus 340.65 is the latest driver available from Nvidia.

    I have seen here that "ShowFlag.SkyLighting 0" has fixed the issue for a lot of people,
    however this setting is unavailable in the latest build. Is there an alternative?

    Thanks, and have a good day!

    EDIT: Adding only these settings to "engine.ini" :


    fixes the sun blinding issue. It's ugly ( but at least does not cover
    the whole diplay. Still, is there any way to disable the sky lighting so as to use FXAA?
    (These settings disable it.)
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    Unfortunately, I can't currently upgrade...

    Will test "r.bloomquality" tomorrow and report here if it is successful.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Please do post here if you find something else.


      Well, I managed to test this out today, and ... very interesting results!

      r.BloomQuality == 1 :
      r.BloomQuality == 0 :
      r.SimpleDynamicLighting 1 == 1

      The last option works pretty well, although it is, as you pointed out, a bit dark.
      However, the sky is now a *lot* better (the texture is weird still, but there are no random colors).

      One more thing; is this area supposed to be this dark? (

      More or less, UT4 is very playable for me now! I hope there was a way to make it a bit brighter though.
      Definitely planning for a full hardware upgrade in the future.



        Hi everyone,
        I'm experimenting with build 2566237 on Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit with GeForce 8800 GT and nVidia driver 340.76 and have similar issues.
        Typing in console ShowFlag.SkyLighting 0 not works but you can try show SkyLighting (and other settings too).