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Auto Detect Settings: OS X: "LOW" / Windows 10 Bootcamp: "EPIC"

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    Auto Detect Settings: OS X: "LOW" / Windows 10 Bootcamp: "EPIC"

    Hello there

    I read a lot about performance problems under Apple OS X. I tried the game today on my iMac 5k (Late 2015 - Skylake CPU, 4GB ATI GPU).

    Auto Detect System Settings under Windows 10 results in "EPIC" and "HIGH" settings, while under the native OS X it results in "LOW". The game runs much better on Windows.

    Any ideas as to why this might be? Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

    First off, **** you and your 5k iMac! I'm jealous! As a user of both OS X and Windows (as well as Linux but I don't game on it) this is what I have experienced with everything. Unless the code is optimized for OS X you will never get the same result as the Windows counterpart. At minimum, I've always taken a framerate hit. This is probably due to OS X graphics card drivers and how modern games respond to them. OFC I could always be wrong, but my personal experience tells me over many different games that the Windows drivers perform better as that's the target platform most games are coded for.

    If I'm off base here, feel free to let me know.


      As said in other similar threads on mac troubleshooting, there's definitely a programming issue in the game not allowing the game to natively use the GPU. Hope this gets fixed!


        That's the engine issue at the moment. I haven't checked the change lists for 4.9-4.11, but they may have some improvements for Mac/Linux performance
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