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Random Crashing while playing any game mode

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    They broke the game 3 months ago. And not just for Mac users. Apparently, shooting 2 shock balls crashes the game for PC users. Then there's all the mess with the achievements... "Do not play this challenge" LOL!

    Epic successfully got my hopes up, then immediately chopped them down. Now I feel like a sucker. GGs Epic. Perhaps they should stick to their successful business model of pimping out the engine to other developers. Because this whole democratic/community thing is going nowhere.
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      I think it's useful to remember that that game is still in pre-alpha mode, so some crashes are to be expected. The fact that it's been playing so well up to this is a testament to the overall good work the developers have been doing, so I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the next build and hope things are better.

      One thing I have noticed that seems to affect things is to go into the various game settings and player stats screens and just genally poke around in there for a couple minutes before starting an actual game and I've been able to play complete offline matches by doing this. It's not ideal, but it at least allows me to get a bit of a UT4 "fix" now and again.


        Thanks for the status updates! Looking forward to the fixes.

        FWIW some maps seem better than others—Facing Worlds won't launch, others will.


          I understand that this is a "pre-alpha" but it is impossible to test and report anything to the developers other than "it crashes within 2 minutes of doing anything" because, I can't do anything. I managed to rush through the movements tutorial and that's it. I could rush through other tutorials but the game crashes almost systematically around the 2 minute mark. I cannot be more useful than this at the moment and my console logs show what other people have reported.