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Low FPS, Crashes, Bad Mouse Tracking and unplayable

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    was a bit bored today so started having a nose round my mac settings and graphics setting in particular. I noticed that only one GPU is being used for monitor duties the other is just idle. After a little poking around the internet i find that this is infact the default for the mac pro (trash can).
    The dual Fire cards can be crossfired in windows but not in OS X but an application can be written to take advantage of both cards. So will this be part of the mac build of the game? Would be very dissapointed if my top spec 7grand computer cant run UT


      i tried disconnecting my second monitor while playing UT and got a bump up in frame rates. Detecting best graphics settings set everything to high with AA but performance was pretty low, about 20-30fps. Setting everything to low with no AA gave about 70fps.
      just hoping there will be some significant optimisations on the Mac side of things