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UT4 Mac OS X system requirements

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    UT4 Mac OS X system requirements

    Can anyone help with info on Mac OS X system requirements for UT4?

    I'd been running the pre-alpha fine a few months ago on Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks (Mac Pro 5,1 / 24GB RAM / ATi RAdeon HD5870 1GB)
    - but, after recent update, the current game doesn't launch at all...

    Do I need to run on a later OS X system (Yosemite/El Capitan..), and also what Xcode version is required for development?

    Thanks in advance, M

    im running on el capitan and its still no great, to get reasonable frame rates (40-50) i have to have screen percentage on 50% which is less than ideal, this is on the fully textured maps, the shells i get 120+
    mouse movement is jerky and not smooth at all which obviously makes aiming very difficult.
    would be good to know requirements as i run a mac pro 2013 trashcan with 2.7 GHz 12 core intel xeon E5 64GB ram and dual AMD Fire Pro D700s, seems to me the game hasnt been optimised to run on macs at all as a machine of my spec should be butter smooth.

    not sure how often the mac area gets looked at by the devs either