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**Update** 4.15.0 Editor Update Won't Launch

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    [BUG] **Update** 4.15.0 Editor Update Won't Launch

    The Mac editor was working great (minus not being able to compile and share a map) until this update. Now it just crashes every time I try to launch. Window comes up saying:
    "Update Mac OS X
    Please update to the latest version of Mac OS X for best performance."

    If this update needed a newer OS, why not tell us beforehand??? I'm running a slightly older OS because of a RAID that is managed by my Mac. If I upgrade, I may break that connection so I can't just yet. Bummer.

    Well, after several more attempts to launch and watching it crash, it decided to actually launch the editor and it now compiling 4,000 materials. Go figure. I'm now waiting for a map I was working on to open then I'll try to compile and share. Will post an update on that later.

    OK, so still no compile and share on the Mac. Kinda pointless to use like this, but I suppose to get familiar with the tools so maybe one day...... I hit build on a small map I made and strange things happened. I can only walk maybe 10 feet in each direction, then it's like a blocking volume. More testing to come...
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