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nMP with 980 ti low perfomance?

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    nMP with 980 ti low perfomance?

    Hello. For a long time I searched on the Internet cases similar to mine and found nothing useful. I decided to write in the community, maybe for someone it will be relevant.

    My configuration is this:

    1.Mac Pro late 2013 (nMP) with 6 core and 2xD500.

    2. eGPU AKiTiO Box 2 (TB2) with EVGA GTX 980 ti with connected FullHD HDMI display

    With onboard AMD Firepro UT4 is fully not playable (12-30 fps max) on middle settings. I don’t know why…

    Here's a video on which I captured the game on 980 ti. The FPS is terrible (19-45) on “EPIC”.

    Note, if I do not record the screen, FPS is obtained by 30 percent more. About 30-65.

    Who will tell me why on Windows on this GPU FPS is almost infinite(90-140) like in this video

    or this

    but on MacOS such terrible drawdowns and freezes?

    Maybe there is some special optimization for macOS?