When you move the mouse in game, FPS drops. For example if I am getting a solid 60 or 80, on low on a 2013 MacBook Pro, that is very acceptable performance - but - secifically when I move the mouse, the fps drops and stutters to around 20-30. I'm not going to ask if this is happening, it's completely plain to see, I just want to bring it to the devs attention so they can work out why when they get back onto ut.

FYI this happens on both my late 2013 13" MacBook (intel HD51000) and a hackintosh built with an Asus pro gaming z170 / Nvidia 1060 build. I don't think it's hardware related.

I know this game is not in active development although it may be one day. I do think it's excellent that it's being developed for Mac although there are obviously other small issues. For example, materials not available as original ut editor assets don't seem to load with maps. That and some window resize crashes don't really get in the way of playing, but the mouse thing does.