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Hidden Blutility Details panel [+ Solution]

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    [BUG] Hidden Blutility Details panel [+ Solution]

    This bug is probably more engine-based but it is related to UT as I was about to use Blutility for an addon I created. Hopefully, you can forward that bug in-house. The plugin itself is still experimental maybe because of such things. I also provided a workaround/solution for this bug.

    Closing the Blutility Details panel in the related Blutility "Edit"-window won't ever restore on re-opening the window.


    Operating System:
    Windows 7 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)

    Once the "Blutility Details panel" will be closed, there is no way to get it back in the editor.

    Steps to Repro:
    1. Launch the UT Editor from the Epic Portal.
    2. Enable the experimental feature Blutility:
      Editor Preferences > Experimental, check Editor Utility Blueprints (Blutility).
    3. Create a Blutility class:
      Rightclick/Add new in the Content Browser > Create advanced assets > Blueprints > Blutility
    4. Open the Blutility preview window by double-clicking the asset or rightclick and choose "Edit..."
    5. Close the "Blutility Details" panel with the small "X"
    6. Close the Blutility preview window
    7. Open the Blutility preview window again (Step 4)

    Re-opening the Blutility window won't show the Blutiltiy details panel.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BlutilityDetailsPanelVisible.png
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Size:	29.4 KB
ID:	357901 Click image for larger version

Name:	BlutilityDetailsPanelHidden.png
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Size:	22.6 KB
ID:	357902


    Reset the layout in the main editor window:
    Window > "Reset layout..."
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    up for this, still no fix in 4.18
    thanks for the solution


      +1 thanks for the solution, I was about to flip a table... hope this gets fixed, pretty sad I just had to blow away my editor layout settings.



        Just wanted to let everyone know this is a known issue and is being tracked as:

        (I know it's quite old, but it's marked as ToDo instead of Backlogged, so that's a good sign!)