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weird Collision behaviour on Outpost Meshes - Need help please!

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    [BUG] weird Collision behaviour on Outpost Meshes - Need help please!

    I have a few Outpost meshes in my map ( )

    and while playing in the Editor the collision is "perfect" on them,

    BUT in-game they're acting weird, most shots are blocked, but players can walk through the meshes.

    this is a screenshot of the collision I have applied on an Outpost-window

    as you can see at the right bottom, I have set "accuracy" and "max. Hull Verts" to the maximum.

    On most other meshes collision works very well, but not on these Outpost windows and doors.

    What am I doing wrong here? or is this a Bug?

    any Help much appreciated.
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    Got an answer now (thanks to MoxNix ):

    Blocking volumes are the answer.

    Auto convex collision is hit and miss, it works for some meshes, not for others. Things like doorways and windows it usually doesn't work very well at all on.

    Really auto collision works best on simple, non convex shapes. When it doesn't work, you can either make a collision mesh in a 3d modelling program or use blocking volumes.
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